Fabiano Gomes

Fabiano Gomes

Software Developer

25 Jul 2021

Revisiting Python

I am a huge fan of Python, I remember that I meet Python in 2003, I guess - In those time I’ve never worked as a s...
05 Jun 2021

Conspiracy Theories

I simply love scify stories, and in the last year I have watched a lot of then. But what has taken my attention was the ...
07 May 2021

My Actual Setup

Yes another post about my setup. Debian as base system The universal operating system, netinstall with minimal number of...
22 Mar 2021

My Vim Setup

So, I decided to try VIM again! Yes this is another time to try VIM, and why do I try again? Because I want, because it ...
31 Jan 2021

Why I Keep This Blog

I decided to start this web log for my own sake, In different times I forget very important things. Things that I alread...