Fabiano Gomes

Fabiano Gomes

Software Developer

31 Jan 2021

Why I Keep This Blog

I decided to start this web log for my own sake, In different times I forget very important things. Things that I alread...
19 Dec 2020

Things That I Like in Qt

I have been work along this year with Qt framework and there are a lot of things that I really liked, here we going in a...
21 Nov 2020

My Running Routine

I’ve started to run in september 11 2020, this is the way that I found to temporarily replace jiu-jitsu. I confess...
01 Nov 2020

What I Winned With the Quarantine

Today when I wrote this post, here in Brazil we pass the 159,000 deaths of corona virus victims. In no way I try to say...
24 Oct 2020

It's time to improve my English

So, the time come out. In fact I am a bit late about that, english it is a very important tool that a software worker mu...